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The 10-Series

Rolfing® is most effective when done as a series, usually as a series of ten sessions. Ida Rolf developed the basic 10-series in order to bring more balance and ease into the body. Each session has a specific goal that prepares the body for the upcoming sessions. 


Sessions 1-3:  Imagine that you are wearing a longsleeved shirt that is way too tight. Or worse, a pair of footie pajamas that are way too tight. Would you be able to move or breathe very well? These first three sessions are often referred to as the "sleeve" sessions because we seek to unwrap the tight superficial connective tissue that restricts breath and movement of the shoulders and hips. In addition you will be introduced to your lower legs and feet to bring in support from the earth.


Sessions 4-7:  After the sleeve is loosened up we dive into the core sessions. The core is not just your tight six pack abs! The core begins at your inner ankle and goes up through the pelvis, through the the abdomen all the way up into the cranium. In these sessions the focus is to discover the deep and all encompassing support that comes when you move from your core. 


Sessions 8-10: It's time to integrate and learn to use the changes that have happened in your body. 


Each series is cultivated to meet the needs of the individual. The series can be stretched out over many months or done once a week.



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