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About Alex Ferm



Alex received her Rolfing certification in 2014 and is passionate about sharing the benefits of Rolfing with those who are looking to move through their lives with more physical, mental, emotional, and energetic ease. Her intention in all the work she does is to create a lighthearted and comfortable space in which her clients can unwind the limiting beliefs and movement habits that contribute to their discomfort, so that they can move freely, have less pain and more joy.

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"I am currently going through the Rolfing Ten Series with Alex Ferm. My body feels amazing, and I can feel the difference in my posture. I have even had friends say "wow your posture is so good, look at you sitting so upright". My breath is able to go deeper in yoga classes, my lungs are working the best they have in a long time, and I feel more grounded. I had a session with Alex on Monday and on Monday night I had an incident that hurt my shoulders. When she checked in with me on Tuesday I shared my issue and she immediately wanted to help me - she was so amazing to find time to help me and today...I feel back to normal. THANK YOU ALEX.... you are the best and if anyone is looking into the Ten Series I highly recommend Alex Ferm." - Tracy D

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